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Recent surveys that study consumer behavior in relation to product appearance in film and television have shown that as many as 90% of audiences between 18 and 55 in households with incomes above $50,000 annually search online for products seen in movies and TV shows. This is estimated to be an audience of 34 million consumers.

With home-based computer use, the link between viewing television programming and "shopping" is therefore almost immediate. As the timeline between general release and home delivery of feature films shrinks, the link between viewing and "shopping" is also becoming increasingly immediate.

If a product is clearly branded on the screen, the link between viewing and purchasing is almost instantaneous. Yet the vast majority of props in every single shot of every film and television program are commercial products that are not visibly branded. With social media sites swallowing up the vast majority of online time, it is clear that social media is the link between Entertainment and "search."

An entertainment marketing partner like Marked Entertainment that understands social media and cultivates the strategic partnerships working in the viral, social space is the answer to opening up this vast market potential.

And this is just the beginning. There are numerous click-through technologies racing to market that will enable users to click objects on their screens and follow them through to a digital point of purchase. The mainstream entertainment that your brand becomes a part of today will, in a very short time, be available in a downloadable format that supports click-through technology.