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Finding Roles

Brand Integrations

Brand integration is about making your brand a part of the stories we love. Any of the thousands of ways we use objects or "products" in the stories of our lives can appear on the screen. On the screen, they become a part of the drama, the magic, the comedy or the adventure that we become captive to whatever we watch.

In traditional advertising, creative departments strive to produce imaginative imagery and language to express brand values or product features in a dramatic, emotional, or comical way. The goal is to engage your audience on a personal level. While a great deal is said about diminished trust, advertising that stays true to its brand values and engages emotions remains the only way to maintain a powerful connection with an audience that is spread far and wide.

For brand integrations, our creative department is the entire universe of film and television creators and producers. If you could cherry pick the ultimate ad agency creative dream team, from around the world, to do your advertising, how much would it cost? And would they match up to the Academy and Emmy award-wining world of talent that creates the content your audience actually WANTS?

It would need to try very hard. Yet that is essentially what brand integrations offer you. At Marked Entertainment, we have the creative skills to work with the enormous resources at our disposal. We look through many hundreds of scripts every year. We apply years of experience of creating imaginative, audience- grabbing work. We also engage a broad and deep understanding of how to successfully communicate brand attributes based on decades of knowledge and experience.

Using all these tools, we create moments where the largest target audience numbers are the most highly focused for the greatest possible retention.