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Brand Integration

Brand integration is a negotiated, paid inclusion in stories that offers some of the greatest opportunities to communicate product features or brand values available today. We are experts at finding ways to make those interactions with your brand happen. And happen in a way that connects deeply with your audience.

Film and television producers are having to work harder and be more creative to find financial solutions. As a result, there is a growing momentum for offering opportunities for brands to be included within content.

At Marked Entertainment, we identify and create opportunities that not only fit with your brand demographic, but which will express important aspects about it through our medium. We help create ideas that contribute positively to the production, which in turn produces a positive response to your brand.

Marked Entertainment is a trusted partner that producers turn to:

  • We understand their creative process
  • We have long standing relationships
  • We apply creative storytelling skills
  • Years of experience with production budgets
  • We work in a way sympathetic to their goals

Productions will often offer high worth opportunities within the script, which express a feature or value of your brand, in exchange for value rather than cash. Advertisers can utilize existing promotional budgets on film-related integrations, point of sale or on pack promotions dedicated to the film. We offer skills and experience for negotiating exchange of back-end promotional deals.