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Talk Shows, News, Opinions

With the unstoppable growing pace of infotainment, there are an ever-increasing number of channels through which you can reach trend-watching audiences. What's new and what's latest from inventive new technologies and how product features work to cultural trends and fashion stories all feed into information-hungry outlets.

Our strategic media partnerships allow us to crunch the audience numbers and profiles to selectively focus on the people who matter to you. More importantly, when you matter, or what you do matters to your audience, their attention is assured. But more than just targeting your story needs to have the right affect at the right time to create a buzz. We have a network of specialists who are experts in creating stories for your brands and products that appeal to a wide range of trend-watchers.

Original stories that gain airtime that leads to Twitter time are the key to having sticking power. Typically, news and talk show opportunities are paid-for options, and payments vary according to production anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000. But these can often be met by supplying product as gift items to live audiences, and Marked Entertainment provides the expertise to negotiate deals that balance the best value between cost and exposure.