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Product Placement

While you may receive calls from productions from time to time asking if your brand or product can be used as a prop, we believe the exposure you get from appearances in film or TV are far too important to leave to chance. By being strategic and structuring product placement activity, you can optimize the value that comes from it.

We call it managing your brand's show business career. No actor who sets out to make him-or-herself an image through roles on the screen sits back and waits for the phone to ring. It takes an agent with the right industry contacts to make the most of the possibilities. Equally, choosing the right opportunities in the right properties is the only way to assure all the effort isn't wasted.

In a product placement program, we create numerous opportunities throughout an entire year of production schedules for your product to appear in mainstream content.

Entirely built on our network, studio and production company relationships, product placement is created without payment to productions. We communicate your message. We write and develop product and brand materials to inform decision makers of their storyline potential.

Typically a product placement program is run on an annual retainer, which covers production research, inventory management, production liaison, tracking appearances, reporting and ROI analysis. Our work in product placement is based on decades of production experience and close connections with decision makers:

• Producers    • Writers   • Directors   • Set Designers   • Art Directors   • Prop Masters

By saving productions money with assets for their productions, we maintain strong relationships in the production world.