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Branded Content

With the ever-expanding options in broadcast and digital channels, the demand for content keeps growing, and branded content increasingly provides original material that fills that demand. Branded content also gives you the opportunity to attract a uniquely focused audience by meeting a set of wants that is not specifically met anywhere else.

Building on our network of customer relationships, we can help you put together a consortium of non-competing and complementary brands to defer the cost of creating original material.

Our strategic partnerships in production, along with deep advertising and marketing experience at Marked Entertainment, provide a resource for original material that builds audience.

Marked Entertainment has existing relationships with producers, writers, directors, acting talent, digital production, production design and music. We have experience with creating long-form and short-form productions, and have the capabilities for 30, 60 or 90 minute documentaries, episodic series or features.

We can help you negotiate distribution through television, theaters or DVD and international rights can be sold to offset production budgets.