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Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity endorsements are not new. Most of us will share a positive brand experience. By sheer numbers, when celebrities do the same, research shows sales percentages can typically increase by double digits. Marked Entertainment works with publicity houses, management firms, talent agencies and music labels that offer celebrity rosters. We negotiate fees typically based on the campaign's reach and the amount of time the celebrity is engaged in.

Finding the most natural celebrity fit, we will work with your team on market analysis, budgetary guidelines, creative development and scheduling. And we will help you negotiate for commercials, print campaigns, personal appearances, speaking engagements and social media.

Celebrities can have more than one way to make an impact on your audiences, since they can represent your brand either as themselves or as a character that they have famously portrayed. We can help you negotiate the multi-level world of entertainment licensing and rights where more than one entity may have a stake in a certain character-related film or TV series. So you can create imaginative new ways to have both celebrity approval and a powerful entertainment-dimension brand's story.