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Branded Content

Whether linked to brand integrations, product placements, celebrity endorsements or as a stand-alone activity, Marked Entertainment has the skills to help create, manage and execute integrated promotions. In house, we have strong proven track records in brand stewardship in all areas of marketing communications activity. We understand strategy that comes from product features or from a more emotional connection that arises from intangible brand attributes.

We make it easy to promote your brand placements or integration in ways that include crossover campaigns in traditional advertising and media, world premieres, in-store point-of-sale materials, private screenings, sweepstakes, and premiere parties.

The same strength of advertising and marketing expertise that goes into all of our work goes into helping you plan and execute effective campaigns focused on results.

As digital media channels evolve, so do we, providing digital strategies for emerging technologies that are generating new ways to connect your brand with your customers. We can help you develop the channels that turn impacts into customer actions.