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Controlling Brand Use

For brand leaders, and brands that have famous brand associations, requests from film and television production can be constant. Defending against unwanted brand use in entertainment can sometimes be a greater task than a proactive placement program. How do you ensure your brand is never used in an inappropriate way? Of course you want to take advantage of the positive opportunities. Film and television are the cultural forms of our time. Taking part both acknowledges and reinforces your brand's place in popular culture.

But when you consider that we at Marked Entertainment review over 600 feature film possibilities in a year and more than 400 television productions, the size of the task becomes clear. Simply screening the requests calls for the full commitment of a dedicated team.

When you also consider how much is a stake – the opportunities that could be lost if the right entertainment role is turned down, the damage that can be done if the wrong opportunity gets a green light – it also becomes clear that your team needs to be experienced and qualified. At Marked Entertainment, we have that experience.

Marked Entertainment is a company you can rely on for your brand stewardship. We bring deep understanding and knowledge of brand communication, and expertise that you can trust to take care of your brand, controlling brand values and identifying the right roles that your famous brand attracts on a daily basis.

Taking care of the contractual activity, laying out the terms of use in unequivocal contract language is something we at Marked Entertainment do every day. We make sure the rights for use of your product are clearly defined and we effectively police the use of your brand in all forms of entertainment.