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Negotiating For Your Brand

Here are a few things you might consider when you think about achieving success for your brand in the entertainment world.

First. How much is your brand worth to the production? Is your brand an icon that says more about the characters in the story than the character could ever say about your brand?

Second. Are you being asked to pay a certain amount for a brand integration just because your brand is big, famous, and successful? What would a less recognized brand pay?

Third. What is a brand integration worth to you if your product is not visibly branded?

Fourth. Does your product have a high monetary value, imparting high production value by its involvement in a scene?

We know the answers to those questions and many more. Our work with productions on a daily basis keeps us up to date on who is paying and how much. Our deep media experience helps us take a sharply analytical view of the value you gain. We'll work with your team on market analysis and creative development to establish budgetary guidelines that work for you.

At the same time, our decades of experience in film and television production means that we know the value of what you have to offer. Brand integrations are often based on back-end promotional value. We will effectively negotiate the value of your spend on TV commercials, print advertising, radio, point of sale, social media activity, packaging, etc. So you receive a fair exchange for your investment in a particular entertainment property.

In this complex world of exchange deals being made for value that is both quantitative (number of impacts) and qualitative (how influential those impacts are), there is simply no substitute for experience. Negotiating on behalf of your brand is what we do, by understanding both the value of what your brand offers productions and having a clear understanding of what it is worth to you.